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What's up Bru?


What it means to own a ‘BRU’ shirt. It's about breaking down borders, going against the grain, being different, being a forward thinker. If you see someone wearing a BRU shirt, you know that they are a fucking legend you know. That's ideally how I want people to feel. BRU means ‘friend’ in every part of the globe. It should stand for ‘hey I'm a champ, ask me anything, you want directions, fuck jump in my car I'll drive you there, also you want an ice cold beer for the ride? You know. Each person that reps it should be proud to know this way of thinking. Bru is a long-term promise.


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Ok. Listen here Bru...


We are collaborating with a company called to give you great cotton that is good for the planet. These smart humans invented a new fabric for our t-shirts that are made from 100% recycled cotton. So our shirts are not fuelling fast fashion. They are crafted with love, and for this reason, we ask you to be patient with delivery. We have set up the pre-order mechanism to ensure there is little wastage for everybody. Please be patient Bru the quality will be worth the wait, and you will be doing good for the environment at the same time.